About The Author

I was a throw away all my life, it didn’t matter where I was or who my friends were, they always threw me away. Maybe I wasn’t good enough or just wouldn’t do what they wanted me to do because it wasn’t right. It just seemed like everything I did was wrong all the time, and I was going in circles not going anywhere, then God let me know He wanted me, and I said ME?? No one wants me, I am worth nothing, but He let me know He wanted to use me and that He loved me so much He died for me on the Cross, and I don’t know anyone else who would do that, so I felt like I had a friend in Jesus and He has become my best friend. So I took His hand and He is making me into what He wants instead of what I thought I wanted, what I wanted was in the world, and there is No satisfaction in this world, just turmoil. I finally felt like I had a home with Jesus and He is always with me, He never leaves me or forsakes me, without Him I am nothing and can do nothing. I am so thankful He saw more in me than I did, so now I am doing His will and am much happier, and have the Joy of the Lord every day, I am so Blessed!!

My Little Girl

Since I lost my daughter, I was a basket case until the Lord took control.